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Stand Up Say No To Bullying Previews


The Stand Up Say No To Bullying curriculum is composed of six modules containing clear objectives, engaging activities and materials for teachers to use. Students act out scenarios, rewrite scripts, discuss video clips and create their own anti-bullying activities. Teachers may access the objectives and activities on line and print them out if they choose. They may project the movie, and the various videos and handouts as well as print out the handouts for the students.

The curriculum provides students with a vocabulary and clear understanding of bullying behavior, the ability to distinguish between bullying and normal conflict, and the understanding of the power that students have to positively impact and intervene. Students practice these skills in a variety of engaging activities.

The following previews allow you to view selected samples of the actual lessons, activities and materials. Select from the list to view each preview. You may also view the Welcome section which provides information for Principals, Teachers and a letter to Parents about the curriculum and how they may engage in discussions with their children on this important issue.