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About Stand Up Say No To Bullying

Inspired by the award winning anti-bullying film “Contest”, Stand Up Say NO To Bullying is a web based curriculum for students in grades 5 thought 9. It was developed by educators at the Foundation for Educational Administration, the professional development arm of the New Jersey Principal and Supervisors Association in response to educators need for quality anti-bullying instructional materials. It is intended to support the development of a positive school climate and assist schools in meeting state requirements to address bullying in schools.

It is easy to use on a desktop, tablet or Smartphone. It includes five fun and engaging lessons with activities that have students rewriting scripts, acting out scenes, discussing and reviewing video clips and scenarios designed to elicit student participation. It includes the voices of real students and actors talking about their own experiences.

In addition to the five basic lessons there are optional literature connections and activities that engage students in the creative use of technology. The culminating activity inspires students to create their own school-wide Anti-Bullying Campaign.

Patricia Wright

A lifelong educator, Patricia Wright is currently the Executive Director of the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association. She has held the positions of teacher, reading specialist, assistant principal, principal, and superintendent. Mrs. Wright serves as a member of the New Jersey Professional Development Advisory Committee. She also serves as the chair of the New Jersey Anti-Bullying Task Force and co-authored the New Jersey Bar Foundation’s Anti-Bullying Curriculum. She is the developer of the Connected Action Roadmap (CAR), a comprehensive and coherent model of school improvement.

Barbara Gantwerk

Barbara Gantwerk is the Coordinator of Special Programs for New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association/Foundation for Educational Administration where she develops and supports leadership programs addressing students with disabilities and at risk youth. Ms Gantwerk served as the New Jersey State Director of Special Education as well as the Assistant Commissioner for Student Services which included overseeing the state’s programs to address bullying, harassment and intimidation. She was a member of the state’s first Anti-Bullying Task Force and worked to develop recommendations to promote pro social behavior and positive and supportive schools.

Thank You to the Following Individuals and Organizations

Melissa Murphy, Teacher – Belmar District, Development of the Technical applications included in each module

Susan Palmer – Marlboro Twp District, Development of the Literacy suggestions contained in each module

Anthony J Giunta – Writer

Sara Hammond – Editor

The New Jersey Bar Foundation – For their outstanding leadership in setting a strong foundation for anti bullying programs

The following individuals for reviewing the curriculum and providing valuable feedback:

  • Marcia Rubert, PH.D. School Psychologist , – Cherry Hill School District
  • Dennis Perry, ED.D. Principal, – Cherry Hill School District
  • Jennifer Cozzarelli, Guidance Counselor – Belmar School District
  • Donna McInerny – Foundation for Educational Administration
  • Michelle Simone, School Counselor – Manchster Twp. School District
  • Ed Canzanese – Foundation for Educational Administration
  • Kacey Konwiser – Dalton – Sparta School District
  • Nikki Mazur, District Elementary Coordinator – Manchester Twp. School District
  • Greg Schrader, Assistant Principal – Sussex-Wantage School District
  • David Nash Esq. – Foundation for Educational Administration
  • Leisa-Anne Smith, Esq. Director of Conflict Resolution, Peer Mediation and Teasing and Bullying Programs – N J State Bar Foundation
  • Bradford C. Lerman, Psy.D.  Director Inclusive Schools Climate Initiative – Rutgers University