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A-Culminating Activity

  • This activity engages students in designing their own anti bullying programs. Students should discuss the activity questions below in small groups with a student recording the responses. Each group would report out their main ideas and then similarities and differences among the groups would be identified.
  • After the discussions and viewing the videos students would write letters to the Principal with their ideas for a school anti bullying campaign.
  • The principal could meet with representative students , discuss the ideas and identify a process to implement one or more of the ideas for an anti bullying campaign.
  1. Do you have school programs to address bullying and promote a supportive environment?
  2. What are the different programs and how effective do you think they are in addressing bullying behavior?


  1. Students at Morgan High School create a video to raise awareness and get students to take a pledge against bullying: Show Morgan High Clip
  2. One student starts his own campaign: Show Reedsburg High Clip
  3. Students at Yarmouth High School Take a Stand: Show Yarmouth High Clip
  1. How are students in each school in the videos trying to stand up to bullying?
  2. Which activities did you think were most effective?


Guiding Questions

    • What is the clear message you would want to send to everyone in the school?
    • Think of catchy themes from the lessons you learned that might help you state the message behind the campaign – examples – Be a Keeper, Don’t Stand by – Stand Up.
    • Who would be involved in planning the campaign?
    • What kind of activities could you plan to get the message to every member of the school community?
    • How can the message be sustained throughout the year so everyone doesn’t forget it after a few activities? Remember the goal is to create and maintain a school climate where bullying is not acceptable and where students and adults support each other by being Upstanders.
    • Write a letter to the principal. Tell him/her why a school-wide anti-bullying campaign is needed. Share some of your ideas for the campaign and ask for a follow-up meeting to discuss how to get started.
    • When the program is implemented, create a video that demonstrates your anti bullying activities.
    • With school and parent permission, upload your finished project to your school’s Youtube account. Send us the the link at . We may include it in the website for sharing with other interested schools! We will put together a page of links to our favorite submissions.