How To Purchase The Stand Up Say No To Bullying Curriculum

Thank you for your purchase of the Stand Up Say No To Bullying System.
To complete your purchase please fill out the form to the right.

  1. Membership Type
    Your Membership Type is a Stand Up Say No School License for $550.00 that may be used in your school and does not expire.
  2. Payment System
    • Purchase Order: When you select the Purchase Order method of payment, your school will give you a purchase order number that you can input into our system. After you complete the purchase process, you will receive an email with a confirmation request to verify the purchase. You must click the link in the email to verify the purchase within 24 hours or the purchase is cancelled. We will activate your account within 24 hours of the time you verify your purchase. We will invoice you for the Stand Up Say No To Bullying System following your account activation. We will assign you an invoice number and reference your Purchase Order Number if you entered one.
    • Credit Card Payments Our system allows you to pay online using a major credit card. Our system uses PayPal to process transactions, however major credit cards are accepted. Your account will be activated immediately after the credit card transaction has completed.
  3. Please use an Email Address that is active that you check regularly. This is the email address that will be used for account communications.
  4. The Username and Password will be used by members of your school or organization to access the Stand Up Say No to Bullying system.
    • The Username should identify your Organization or School and should NOT be personal to the person purchasing the system.
    • The Password will be shared by all users at your Organization or School who are given access to this system.